Tips from AAA Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning.

First aid for carpets:

Save yourself some money and treat the stain immediately. If you spill anything on your carpets, pour a glass of water on the offending stains, then, using a white face cloth towel (don't use coloured cloths, as the colour may run, making the stain worse) use a dabbing motion to remove the offending stain; do not rub the carpet, as this will crush the fibres. Keep using the white cloth, water and the dabbing motion to remove the stain. Once the stain is removed, use another dry white cloth to remove the water you just used to rinse the carpet.

The following substances are the worst offenders, in order:

Fanta - dyes the carpet fibre. The carpet section needs to be cut out and replaced.
Curry powder - contains turmeric, which is a dye and also needs to be cut out and replaced.
Red cordial - may come out, depending on how long the stain's been there. A clean may remove the stain, or at the very least it will lighten it up.
Animal urine - depends on if the stain was treated at the time. If not, our chemicals are good, but we can only do our best. If the carpet's gone yellow, sometimes it can't be removed.
General food stains - dirty shoe/boot stains, vomit, blood, most animal 'number 2' stains and general day to day stains, come out with the right cleaning solution and the correct cleaning method.


Thank you Shane for doing a wonderful professional job and excellent price. See you next time.
Miho, Manukau City

Thank you Shane for the AMAZING job you done on my carpets. The friendliest person to deal with. An outstanding service. He paid extra attention to some stubborn stains and even did 2 bedrooms for free!! Extremely happy with his work and I will be spreading the word that you are the "go to" guy.
Sam, Papakura City

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